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Composer and Publisher
Original Music Production for
- Feature Film and Television
-  Music Industry, Rock, Pop, Blues
-  Documentary Films
 - Corporate and Industrial Video
 - Advertising
 - Live Events

Writing Credits

Marty Bolin with Red Hot
Texas Boy
Golden Rule
Magic Charm
(with Jimmy Stanton)
Steve Walsh
   Glossolalia-"Heart Attack", "Rebecca"

Martha Davis 

   "Break Out"

Daryl Dragon 

   Feature Film Score Work

Toni Tennille 
Feature Film Song Work
Film/Television Music
"Forced to Kill" 

   Score, Songs

"Star Trek" 
Scoring Sessions, digital tech
Live Event Original Music
Kirk Douglas
'Save the Elephant' Benefit
Medicine Man

   Studio Premier

Disney Imagineering

   Staff Sound Designer
Cubase 8 Pro, HALion 5, Wavelab 8
Dual Quad Xeon, 64 GB RAM, 6 TB
X32-32 X 16 Digital Console and Interface
X32 Rack- 32 X 16 Digital for Live Sound
KRK Rokit 10 Midfield Mons w/ KRK Sub
JBL Nearfield Monitors
5.1 Mixing and Monitoring (JBL)
Shure, AKG, Sennheiser and Neumann Mics
Superior Drummer
Master Writer
Huge Sample and SFX Library

X32 32 x 16 Digital Console
X32 Rack 32 x 16 Digital 1 space
Controllable by iPad WiFi
4 x 18" Subs
6 x 12"/2" Mid/Highs
14,000 Watts
64 X 32 Digital Mix
16 Channels DI
Shure, Blue, Sennheiser and AKG mics
2x 16 x 8 Digital Junction Boxes/Snakes
5x Powerplay16 Personal Monitor Boxes
2x 15"/2" Full Range Side Fills, 6k Watts
6x 15"/1.5" Full Range Wedge Floor Mons

Instrument/Amp Rentals
Les Paul LP w/12dB Boost and Autotune
Les Paul w/Sidewinder Front, coil taps. boost
Fender Strat w/Roland Gtr Synth setup
Fender Custom Tele w/Hums
Firebird 50th Anniversary Issue, Gold
Wide selection of acoustics and resonators
Gibson and Fender Basses
Mesa Boogie TA 15 Amp w/ Mesa 2x12 Cab
Hughes and Kettner TM18 w/ 2x12 Cab
Marshall Stack
Mesa Blue Angel Dual Rect 4x10 Combo
Fender Blues Junior
Pearl 5 Piece Drum Kit
2x 15, 2x horn 6k Bass Amp w/ Eden Pre

Knabe Grand Piano
Alesis QS8 88-Key Synth
Roland Juno 6 Analog Synth
Venom Virtual Analog Synth
Alesis Q-61 and Axiom Controllers
POD Farm/Gear BoxX32

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