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Composer and Publisher                               
Audio Post Production Editorial
  Feature Film, Television, Video
  Music and Sound Design
  Sound FX, Dialog, ADR, Digital Foley, 5.1 Mixing
  Sound Mastering and Repair
  Internet Mastering and Streaming
  Event Sound Design

Feature Film
Forced to Kill
Damaged Goods
Cybertracker 2
Steaming Milk

Event Sound Design
Disney Imagineering-Sound Designer
Medicine Man Studio Premier and Party
Apollo 13 Studio Premier and Party
Hotshots Studio Premier and Party
Kirk Douglas "Save the Elephant" Benefit
Dual Quad Xeon, 64 GB RAM, 6 TB
X32-32 X 16 Digital Console/Interface
X32 Rack 32 x 16 Stage Mix
KRK Rokit 10 Midfield Monitors w/ KRK Sub
JBL Nearfield Monitors/Sub
5.1 Mixing and Monitoring


Wavelab 8 Pro
Halion 5
Superior Drummer
Master Writer
Huge Instrument and Sound FX Lib

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